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Global Scholarships


We partner with Western Union agents to provide scholarships valued at USD$2,500 (or the equivalent in local currency) to in-need students from around the globe to help fund their post-secondary undergraduate education in the STEM fields and business/entrepreneurship.

Want to be a WU Scholar? Visit wuscholars.org for more details.

What makes a WU Scholar?

In addition to a record of academic excellence, all WU Scholars also demonstrate:

Class of 2018

Colleges & Universities

My dream is to deploy drones that deliver medical supplies to
rural communities.

Guangyu, studying Industrial Design | China

Meet Oliver

Oliver is a 2017 WU Scholar. When he was just a small child, he migrated to the US with his family from Mexico and is now attending the University of Denver in Colorado:

I am a first-generation migrant to the United States, and English is my second language. During my elementary years, my parents spent countless hours practicing with me and studying. Although they didn’t speak English, they helped me become literate. Their encouragement is what keeps me focused on obtaining a college education despite any barriers that arise on my journey. I know that with a college education, I will be able to provide more for my family, for myself and for my community.

I have chosen to study accounting, business and real estate, because they will allow me to reach my long-term career goals of becoming a real estate and e-commerce business owner. I also aspire to become a community leader to create hands on programs to provide students with real world experience so that they can also accomplish their dreams. I want to help give students the same opportunities that I have had.

His connection to the Foundation provided him with opportunities beyond the scholarship, including a 2018 summer and winter internship with Western Union’s Internal Audit department.