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Emergency Response


We support communities impacted by natural disasters or humanitarian crises – a key reason for forced migration.

The Western Union Foundation’s commitment to disaster preparedness and relief is critical for International Medical Corps to reach the families most in need in the Philippines. It will not only help our teams address the humanitarian needs following Typhoon Phanfone, but also will build resilience in the face of future emergencies through training.

Nancy Aossey, International Medical Corps President and CEO

Australia Bushfires

Australia’s worst wildfires in recorded history raged across New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania. The Western Union Foundation supported the Australian Red Cross’ efforts to provide emergency shelter, food, and hygiene to evacuees. Learn more about the Foundation’s response here.

One Sydney-based Western Union employee has been recognized by his colleagues and Western Union leadership for his service as a volunteer firefighter in New South Wales. “It is heartening to see employees take action to fight the fires in Australia, and we are so proud to stand behind Mr. Daly for serving on the ground to combat the devastating fires. Thank you for being a hero in our Western Union community,” offered Western Union CEO, Hikmet Ersek.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sam Ruttyn @samruttyn – News Corp Australia

2020 Disaster Responses

To learn more about specific response efforts, read our 2020 disaster response blog here.

January 2020 – Australia Bushfires, Australian Red Cross

January 2020 – Puerto Rico Earthquakes, American Red Cross

February 2020 – United States Flooding, American Red Cross

February 2020 – Global, COVID-19, various nonprofits

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2019 Disaster Responses

To learn more about specific response efforts, read our 2019 disaster response recap blog here.

February 2019 – Colombia Population Movement, International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

March 2019 – United States Tornadoes, American Red Cross

March 2019 – United States Flooding, American Red Cross

March 2019 – Mozambique Cyclone, Save the Children

June 2019 – United States Restoring Family Links, American Red Cross

July 2019 – United States Hurricane Barry, American Red Cross

August 2019 – India Flooding, United Way India

September 2019 – The Bahamas Hurricane Dorian, American Red Cross

December 2019 – Philippines Typhoon Phanfone, International Medical Corps

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