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We seek out opportunities to inform the public and build support for the beneficiaries we fund through awareness campaigns, sponsorships, and speaking engagements. Follow us on Twitter for our latest news and campaigns.

International Women's Day

Many young adults face barriers to gaining a quality education, including a lack of role models, structural encouragement and access to sufficient economic resources.

That is why the Western Union Foundation partners with Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain (JA) to address these needs in our hometown of Denver, Colorado. The Foundation’s mission aligns closely with the mission of JA – to provide young people the skills and social resources needed to succeed in the 21st-century workplace and global economy.

The Western Union Foundation’s impact is exemplified in the many stories of JA Teachers and mentors inspiring and motivating students: Meet Hilary Wimmer, a business teacher at Mountain Range High School, 2020 Colorado Teacher of the Year, and 2019 JA Teacher of the Year. Wimmer’s commitment to helping students build the financial literacy skills they need to be ready for college and career has built the confidence of countless students.

World Refugee Day

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Claudine is living in Boulder, Colorado, awaiting her return to her home country where she will continue to build her nonprofit, ‘Nguva Ya Africa’ which translates to ‘Power of Africa.’ Her personal experience of being internally displaced and marginalized led her to want to help people like her and to offer courage and hope to other young refugees around the world.

Claudine is a remarkable young woman – she is a Watson Institute alumnus, a scholar, speaks six languages, writes poetry, loves to dance, is an avid gardener, a founder and a survivor. Her vision is to build peace in her home country by empowering women and girls to be the best version of themselves. This movement of brave young people is committed to making their country a better place for generations to come. Claudine is an invaluable asset to her community, both at home and abroad. You can watch her full story here.

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