How to Provide Your Identification

If you want to send money online with us, you to have to follow the instructions below. Please note that this is required only for the 1st transaction:

Step 1: Start your money transfer.

Step 2*: Follow the directions on the screen and send us the required documents.

·         Scan or make a picture of you front and back ID document. Make sure your picture, signature, birthdate and expiration date are visible. (Check that the picture is sharp and all the content is clearly visible)

·         Go to your online banking site (through your desktop browser or mobile app). Photograph or make a screenshot of your bank profile. Ensure that the screenshot is sharp and clearly shows:

o    Your full name

o    Your account number

o    Your credit/debit card number (the same that you used to send money)

o    Bank logo

Step 3: We review your documents and we email you, when your identity is confirmed.

After we have confirmed your identity, you can send up to 999EUR** within a 3-day period.

*All our customers have to provide this documents in order to compliance with Spanish regulator.

**This amount and period are temporary and they will be updated to in the next days.