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Send Money

Send Money from an Agent location

When you need to send money fast, count on the Western Union Money TransferSM service. It’s a convenient and easy way to transfer money.

  • After approval, your money arrives in minutes.
  • Your receivers can pick up the money right away (depending in the hours their Agent location is open).
  • Send money around the world.

Send money from an Agent Location

Send money anytime, anywhere from one of our thousands of Western Union Agent locations around the world.

DHL Internacional del
Ecuador S.A.
1 800 989 898

Transferunion, S.A.
1 800 937 837

Find a Location
Find an Agent location
that is convenient for you.

Restrictions and Special Notes

Sending from Ecuador:

  • Maximum principal send amount is 10,000 USD per person/per day.
  • Send money transfers are subject to a 12% tax on service charges.
  • All outbound international money transfers are subject to a 2% tax on principals over 1000 USD.

Receiving in Ecuador:

  • All transfers to Ecuador must include receiver's full name, as shown in identification.
  • Maximum principal payout amount is 10,000 USD per person/per day.

General Information:

  • Free telephone notification is available upon request.
  • Free message for inbound transactions is available upon request.
  • The agency Montañita Express located in Montañita, from our agent Transferunion S.A., pays a maximum of US $3,000.