Customers from many different nationalities, including Bulgarians, Turks, Russians and Poles visit my call shop to ring their families and keep in touch with them via email. Most are repeat customers whose family do not live in Germany.
Now our customers can send money through Western Union and take advantage of the additional service because it is so convenient! They no longer have to go to another shop because they can make money transfers here and ring their family at the same time. I earn a commission and am happy that my guests can save time and money this way.
Besides, I've already won new customers. But that's not all. Ever since I began offering Western Union services, my sales have increased by about 30 per cent.

Aydin Ugur, Internet café and call shop operator, Hamburg


My husband and I have been operating a jewellery store in Mehringerdamm in Berlin since 2007, then in 2010, we decided to become Western Union partners.

One of the reasons for this decision was that a major competitor located 50 metres from our shop also offers money transfers and as the saying goes, 'competition is good for business'.
Since offering money transfers, many customers are delighted that there is finally an office in a central location. Over time, we have won quite a few regular customers. What's more, we are pleased that Western Union customers also take advantage of our offer.
The revenue from this business is extra income.

Sabine Linhart, Jeweller in Mehringdamm, Berlin