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Send money directly via the Western Union® app or start your money transfer on our app and complete your transaction at an agent location* with our ‘Pay in Cash’ service.

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Money transfers from our mobile app are quick and simple


Set up your transfer

Enter your receiver’s information, destination country, your ID, the amount you wish to send and choose the ‘Pay in cash’ option.

Go to a Western Union agent location

Find your nearest location using the map provided in the app.

Complete the transaction

Pay in cash at an agent location within 24 hours.


Why send money with the Western Union® mobile app?

Know all fees and exchange rates

Transparency is important. Send money without any hidden fees.

Track your money transfers

Know where your money is and get notified when it’s been collected for peace of mind.

Enjoy easy repeat transfers

Access your transfer history and receiver details to resend quickly.


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* Check agent locator on for country and agent location availability.

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