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The Western Union Consumer Protection Promise
Western Union is dedicated to fighting fraud and helping consumers protect themselves from falling victim to fraud. We work with authorities, consumer protection agencies and other organizations around the globe to educate consumers. We hope that together with you, we can make it much harder for criminals to commit fraud.

If you've been victimized by scammers, be proactive—report your case to us and others like law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, among others. These are important steps to help prevent fraud and protect others from falling victim to scams. .


Report Scams to WU

If you used our money transfer service and believe the transaction was fraudulent, call us immediately. Tell us what happened.

We want to help—and the only way we can is if you contact us. It’s easy–our toll free number in the U.S. is 800-448-1492.

If your transaction has been paid and you wish to let Western Union know about your situation you can complete our online form to file a fraud report.  The reports that we receive allow us to better track scams and help others from falling victim in the future. 

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Report to Authorities

It’s extremely important to inform law enforcement and other authorities if you’ve been victimized by fraud. Western Union suggests several ways to report fraud, as well as national fraud resources that offer information and resources to help you stay informed.

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Think you've been scammed?


Report it. You can help us and, in the process, help others from getting scammed in the future.

Call our Fraud Hotline at

Forward suspicious emails to

File a fraud complaint

Report to authorities


Stay Informed

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