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Your business is important to us and we never forget how important each money transfer is to you. The fast, reliable, and trusted transfer of your money, to anywhere in the world, is our number one priority. As a part of a global initiative, all financial institutions across the globe, including money transfer organizations like Western Union, are required to collect additional information from their customers.The information required will depend on the particular individual and the details of the transaction.

Customer identification process is a legal requirement that is written into banking regulations (Bundesgesetz über das Bankwesen - Bankwesengesetz – BWG, article 40 ff. You can access the Austria money laundering regulations online:

These regulations serve the security of our money transfer customers in Austria.

When do I need to provide additional documents?

We will notify you via SMS if you are required to provide documentation.

What documents are needed to satisfy these requirements?

  • You will be asked to provide an valid ID document, that Western Union accepts in Austria:
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  • You will be asked to provide a proof of address (not older than 3 months). The current valid proof of address documents are:
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- Proof of address documents must have been issued within the last 3 months and sent to you at your home address. 

- The local authority letter can be original or printed from the Internet.


How can I provide additional documents?

You will have the option to upload this conveniently from home. This is the easiest and most efficient way to send us the required information.

Designated agent locations will also be equipped with scanners and can assist you with uploading the documentation.


What is my information being used for?

This information is for Western Union internal use only and will be treated as highly confidential. It will be used to ensure that money transfers are not being used for any illegal activities and will enable us to better protect our Customers.


Will my information be safe?

Western Union takes the protection of customer information very seriously. Your information will be kept in Western Union’s secure databases and used only as permitted by data protection law. We also use encryption and other technologies to protect the information we collect from you. 


How will Western Union use my personal information?

Western Union says how we use your personal information in our money transfer terms and conditions. This information is available on the form or receipt that you receive and sign when you send or receive money. You can also find details in our online privacy statement. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the personal information section of the terms and conditions or via the Contact Us section.


I have questions about this process. How can I learn more about it?

For more information about this process and other Western Union-related questions, please call  0800 297 579 or email us:

Please note: This requirement for additional documentation for in person money transfers differs from the requirements for online transactions.  If you already provided the required documents to complete an earlier online transaction, you may be asked to provide new documents when sending money in person.


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