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Here’s how you can earn while you shop

Earning cash back3 is simple with WU Shop. Shop at thousands of the world’s most popular brands and get cash back3. Log in to WU Shop before you start shopping.

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Joining WU Shop is simple and FREE for My WU members.

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Maximize your savings when shopping at
WU Shop

Maximize your savings when shopping at WU Shop


Check for coupons on WU Shop before clicking out to the store to see what offers are available and how to use them. Only coupons found on WU Shop will be eligible to earn cash back3. Make sure you include the offer you found on WU Shop on the checkout page.

Free shipping

On top of coupons and special deals, many stores offer triple savings and free shipping! Look for special instructions and take advantage of free shipping at select stores on WU Shop.

Special deals

Many stores offer special product deals, gifts with purchase, buy one get one free, buy online pick up in-stores and promo codes.
Make sure you enter the details of the offer you find on WU Shop at each store upon checkout to maximize your savings.

Cash back

Cash back earnings will be applied to your WU Shop dashboard after a store reports a sale to us3. Earn double or more cash back as a VIP rewards member!

When will I receive my cash back3?

  1. You’ll receive cash back in 90-120 days after the store confirms a qualifying purchase to Western Union.

  2. Cash back may first appear as “pending” during a merchants return period.

  3. For travel purchases, cash back may not be made available until after your travel is completed3.

  4. You can make a withdrawal once you have at least $30 cash back available.

  5. You can check all the details on the cash back overview page in the WUSM Shop.

1 Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates, and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.

2 Fee reductions apply only to the Western Union® transfer fee for a single Western Union Money Transfer® or Quick Collect® transaction. Excludes all other services, including without limitation, online bill payments, and money transfers via social/chat applications. Points used will not be reversible and if amount of transfer fee is less than redeemed discount, no cash, credit or refund will be provided. Western Union reserves the right to offer promotional discounts that cannot be combined with My WU® fee reductions.

3 Subject to WU Shop Terms and Conditions