Pay with Your Bank Account

If you chose to pay with your bank account, you’ll find the payment details on your receipt. Then you simply need to go to your bank’s website, start the bank transfer, and confirm the payment. Your money will be available, once we receive your payment. 

Your benefits:

  • Convenient: Pay from your own bank account.
  • Private: No need to share your financial information.
  • Secure: Best option to send large amounts.


Important things to know:

Name matching

John Doe ≠ Jane Doe

European regulations require that the name in your Western Union profile matches the name on your bank account. Otherwise we need to reject your payment. We will therefore be unable to accept payments from business accounts.


Payment reference

Reference EB123456789

You’ll find a payment reference number (EB-number) on your receipt. If you don’t include it, we can’t process your transaction. No other information should appear in the payment reference field.