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Christine Wardlaw 2017-7-10


May we introduce to you two of our brand ambassadors: Valerie & Katharina?#missBFF2017

Two Austrians based in Vienna/?? - two lucky girls - two wild hearts - two happy souls - two girls on a mission: ?90days around the world?

Valerie & Katharina?#missBFF2017 also visited the Western Union regional headquarters in Vienna, Austria and shared with us their experience with Western Union.

Join us in following them as they explore the world: #missbff2017 #missmagazin They will be using Western Union to pick up their money as they travel for the next three months!

This Article was written by

Christine Wardlaw Christine Wardlaw has been at Western Union for five years, specializing in communications and social content strategy. She lives in Denver with her husband and Insta-famous dog @rangergsp, exploring the mountains in Colorado and the eclectic food scene in the city.

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