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What makes a great job candidate experience?

WU surveys candidates as part of the 2017 Candidate Experience Awards program. Western Union is in the relentless pursuit of better, from the way money is moved, to the application experiences of WU job seekers around the world. Understanding the perceptions and experiences candidates have helps improve each stage of the job application process. Recently, the Talent Acquisition (TA) team at WU set out to uncover what makes for a great candidate experience. Is it easy-to-discover company and job information or ...

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Edison with his inventions

From Edison to Miller: WU’s Most Influential Employees

Thomas Edison: innovator, inventor, businessman. Little-known fact: he was also a Western Union employee. We succeed because of pioneers and game-changers who have transformed Western Union into the global platform it is today. Check out some of the most influential people to walk our halls.   Thomas Edison During his time at Western Union, Edison created a transmitter to compete with Alexander Bell’s telephone, as well as other telegraph-related products. After his employment at Western Union ended, Edison was ...

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tip on table with receipt and beer

Tipping Around the World: A Global Gratuity Guide

So you finally get the chance to eat fresh sashimi in Japan or try boerewors in South Africa, and you love it – so much that you want to show appreciation to your server for an unforgettable meal. But is tipping customary where you are? And if so, how much should you tip? Check our global gratuity guide to brush up on your tipping etiquette before you go abroad.   Tipping in the Americas In a nutshell: Throughout North, Central, and South ...

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Building a strong foundation

Serra Pinto Avimlah, Western Union Assistant Manager, Product Marketing Having visited family several times with her husband and experienced what life is like in Toronto, Serra Pinto Avimlah knew the city could be their new home. In late 2016, Serra, her husband and two young children made the brave move to leave their jobs, family and friends in Istanbul, Turkey, to find work and build a new life in Canada. And, less than one year later, they’re incredibly happy and ...

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neon signs and crowds in Tokyo

10 of the Hardest Things for Expats to Get Used to

Something funny happens when people live abroad. The expats stick together – even if they’re from opposite sides of the world. That’s because expats have strikingly similar experiences acclimating to their new environment. Plus, you can’t really commiserate over the bizarre foods and unfamiliar customs with a local. Here are the top ten things that take time for expats to get used to.   1. Standing out everywhere you go This can be good or bad, depending on where ...

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Kuih Dadar crepes from Malaysia

9 International Desserts No Sweet Tooth Can Resist

Different countries might not see eye-to-eye on travel policies or climate change; but one thing’s for sure, we all have a delicious way of satisfying our sugar cravings. So next time you have a taste for ice cream or apple pie, consider of one of these unique international desserts instead.   1. Baklava Origin: Turkey  Popular throughout the Middle East, baklava is made from paper-thin layers of flaky filo dough, filled with chopped nuts and spices then drenched in honey ...

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business woman celebrating among city buildings

How to Apply to Jobs in Another Country

Working in another country is an exciting way to advance your career, but getting started can feel overwhelming. Our nine-step plan can help. We can’t guarantee you’ll land your dream job, but you’ll be positioned to succeed if opportunity strikes.   Step 1: Identify labor market gaps First you’ll have to determine where you want to move. Popular expat countries are good places to start. Familiarize yourself with the job markets of your shortlist and take note ...

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sea urchin delicacy

9 Distinct Delicacies We Dare You to Try

So you’ve tried fondue and know your way around a Korean BBQ. Even if you think you’ve tried it all, we bet you haven’t tasted each of these unusual delicacies. Take a deeper look into some of the most one-of-a-kind foods around the world – and prepare your mouth for a wild ride   1. Escargot Origin: Europe Escargot is the French word for snails – but their origins trace way further than Marie Antoinette. Archaeologists have dug up evidence ...

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applying to jobs abroad

International Job Sites for Aspiring Expats

Whether it’s at a fashion house in Paris or a marketing firm in Sydney, landing a job overseas is not as far-fetched as it used to be – thanks to international job hunting sites. To expand your search, check out our recommendations for where to find expat jobs online. 1. Indeed Worldwide Indeed Worldwide works just like its domestic counterpart, except it allows you to search for international jobs in more than 60 location-based sites. Descriptions are often written in the country’...

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Messenger and Western Union

Creating Millions of Connections for Cross-Border Money Movement April 18, 2017 By Odilon Almeida Technology is allowing us to live increasingly borderless lives. Through social networks, it’s easier than ever to connect with people all around the world – from Miami to Manila and beyond. As a result, our customers expect evolving choices to move money easily. While choice has evolved, the experience consumers expect when moving their money has not changed substantially since Western Union commenced moving money 166 years ago. Consumers ...

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