How do women achieve true equality in the workforce?

Global Issues By Cecilia Hendrix November 20, 2018

In this new Reuters Plus video, Western Union Global Money Transfer President Odilon Almeida explains why the company is pushing for true gender equality in the workforce and the planned path toward achieving it.

As a company that does business in 200 countries and territories, diversity is fundamental to Western Union’s workforce DNA. Women are particularly core to this diversity. In fact, more than half of Western Union’s global workforce are women, and women outnumber men among the 150 million customers who send or receive money through Western Union.

Almeida says Western Union is committed 100 percent to equality and inclusivity because it is key to the future success of the company.

“It is a smart thing to do. It builds a better decision-making process,” he says.

Western Union already has women in significant leadership roles in areas including legal, technology and compliance, and the company has been recognized by 2020 Women on Boards for helping foster an environment where women can get ahead.

Almeida says the key to moving forward with diversity is transparency — a management practice that is important to all employees regardless of gender. In addition, the company is developing curriculum and mentoring programs for women who have shown strong leadership potential.

Almeida is very impressed with the initial results of the program and says, “I really think we will have an even better balance in the future than we have today.”