Which group holiday persona are you?

Go Global By Cecilia Hendrix July 11, 2019

If you’re already planning your travel money months in advance then you’re probably the one that takes charge when travelling in a group. Alternatively if you’re a bit of a dreamer and like the idea of getting organised but are lucky to find a single pair of socks that match in your suitcase then you’ll probably lean on the more ‘responsible’ group member and revel  in travel chaos and the adventure it brings with it.

If travelling in a group or by yourself you’ll soon get to know the travelling quirks of those around you. But who are the best people to travel with? The hyper-organiser or the free spirit? Check out the below and see where you and your mates fit.

The team leader

Undoubtedly this person will have two copies of every travel document you need as well as a compass and backup battery pack. They probably organised the trip for the group and are well suited to solo travel. A great travel companion and definitely one who will have a plan B and a shortlist of restaurants in the local area if you’re suddenly really hungry. However, this person can be known to crumble if things don’t go to plan and can be a little restless when you’re wanting a chill day. Also, if you’re prone to sleeping in, this travel buddy might want to go on a 6am hike as an integral part of day four so be warned of potential friction if you’re not ‘aligned to the schedule’.

The eternal mess

We all have this friend in a group who will always be late, will have a detailed explanation as to why they’re running behind and probably wearing only one shoe. Don’t expect this person to have sorted their travel money and travel documents either, this will probably involve a frantic dash at the airport and looking through the bins at Starbucks for their boarding pass. This person is best accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, hopefully someone who will already have a damage limitation plan in place and a printed photocopy of their passport for when they inevitably lose it. Organizational skills aside, this person is great fun to travel with and definitely knows how to let loose.

The Insta ready traveller

None of you are allowed to take a single bite of your meal until this traveller perfectly captures an aerial view of the table whilst balancing on a folding chair. No cocktail is consumed without a celebratory boomerang and you are likely to become their makeshift photographer while you capture the perfect sunset of them on some kind of swinging contraption. However, this person knows how to take a great photo, either staged or candid so you’ll definitely have editorial worthy memories of your trip.

The free-spirit

You’ll know you’ve met the free-spirit when they start telling you about the time they slept on the platform of an Indian train station or when they hitchhiked around South America. They open your eyes to the possibilities that travel without limitations brings and their tales of who they’ve met are second to none. They travel alarmingly light – they could fit everything they need for a six-month trip into a day pack and don’t seem to have any tales of disasters en-route. They’re the type to roll with the punches and treat everything as a learning experience, something we could all probably learn from.

The Namastay here

Not unlike the free spirit, this travel buddy has a real thirst for culture and wants to cram an authentic experience into every part of the trip. They wouldn’t be seen dead in a Starbucks in Indonesia and would much rather eat street food three times a day and try every local delicacy. Deep fried crickets anyone?

This person is likely to book a flight to another country and skip the flight home which makes them great for spontaneous trips and skipping the tourist traps.


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