Western Union internship: learning and development for all

Career By Justin Hinckley August 14, 2019

As Summer comes to an end, interns are handing in their company badges and grabbing their schoolbooks to return to the classroom. In addition to arming its Interns with the skills needed to be successful as emerging professionals in their chosen discipline, the Western Union Internship Program has also instilled in us the core values that have allowed us to move forward as a market shaper on the global scale. While at Western Union, our Interns learn that we are Purpose-Driven, Globally Minded, and Trustworthy & Respectful. In this post, we introduce some of the key players and seek their perspectives on our 2019 Summer program.

Donna Courtney, Senior Recruiter & Lead Internship Program Recruiter
“Having the opportunity to recruit for internships happens to be my favorite parts of being a recruiter. Interns have so much to offer and are incredibly intelligent. Our Interns this summer were truly impressive and very talented. I knew when we hired them, they were going to be good, but the talent and energy they brought to our organization far exceeded my expectations. All eight exuded such enthusiasm, passion and confidence, it was contagious and reflected in everything they did. They bonded well together, and it was so refreshing to see how excited and eager they were to learn new skills. I’ve watched each of them grow professionally and I am so proud of the wealth of knowledge they gained at Western Union over the past 12 weeks.”

Intern Day

In addition to recruitment, Western Union utilizes program mentors, known as “buddies”, to help us acclimate to the Western Union culture and serve as a resource to help any new employee succeed starting on day one.

Austin Lear, Senior Recruiter & Internship Program Buddy
“I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to partake in the Internship Program as a buddy to Justin. It was significant to me because it harkens back to my own experience as an Intern that I incurred during the latter part of my university years. I was able to help guide him through the daily life of the professional workplace. At the same time, the help has been reciprocal. Working with Justin has helped me grow as a senior professional. Until now, I have not had the opportunity to be more involved in coaching and molding employees to succeed in a hands-on type of way.”

Indeed, internships are not what they once were. Rather than going on coffee and lunch runs, Interns serve as complex problem solvers who contribute to the company on a scale equal to a full-time employee. Below are my own reflections.

Justin Hinckley, Employer Brand & Social Media Intern
“This Summer I was given the unique opportunity to learn and develop my skills as an Intern at Western Union. The experience I have gained working for a global company and working toward solving real issues my team is facing was an invaluable experience. Stepping into this corporate environment can be intimidating at first, but as an Intern it is important to remember that you have value, that’s why the company brought you on in the first place. This is an amazing opportunity for young professionals to learn and develop skills while contributing and bettering the company.”

It’s important to remember that better comes from anywhere and everywhere. Many people are involved in the Western Union Internship experience. These accounts touch on different phases and elements that make the Western Union Internship Program a valuable program for both parties. As interns, buddies, recruiters, managers and all employees grow, so does the program. Consider these takeaways as your company designs or grows its own program. When working with young professionals in your business unit, work toward providing the best experience for everyone involved and have a bit of fun along the way!

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