Western Union Global Payments

ESG By Dave Plank October 2, 2020

Studying abroad is a great way to get an education—not just about one’s field of study, but about different people, different cultures, and the world we all share.

Western Union’s education solutions make it easy to pay for cross-border study with both digital and offline options for tuition payments. In India, for example, families of students studying abroad can pay tuition online or in person at select agent locations, while in China, families can pay tuition from a mobile phone.

WU also offers GlobalPay, enabling universities and other institutional partners to offer their international students a fast and easy way to pay their tuition and fees, so they can concentrate on their studies.

Since its inception, more than 800,000 students around the world have used WU GlobalPay for Students to pay their fees. Around the world, 730 education institutions, including eight of the top 10 globally ranked universities, trust us to manage their international payments. In the last two years, Western Union has moved more than $4.5 billion for accredited schools and universities.

We believe that empowering young people to experience different cultures is perhaps the best way to begin building a better world. Western Union is proud to offer so many ways to help students and their families on their educational journeys.