Western Union Foundation renews commitment to WPDI

Global Citizen By Emily Larson March 19, 2019

Additional three-year pledge totals Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative investment at USD $2M

During a recent trip to Uganda, Denver-based Western Union Foundation Executive Director, Elizabeth Roscoe and San Francisco-based Western Union Head of Digital Engineering and Western Union Foundation Board Member, Ernesto Boada experienced firsthand how one non-profit is working to transform the country and support young people from war-torn regions of Uganda and South Sudan.

In 2016, the Western Union Foundation announced its support for the program that has provided Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative’s (WPDI) Youth Peacemaker Network with a community learning center, access to life-skills, conflict-resolution education and vocational training for more than 10,000 refugees and internally displaced persons at the settlement in Kiryandongo, Uganda. Earlier this year, the Western Union Foundation Board of Directors voted to renew its commitment, providing continued access to education for refugees in Uganda. The pledge will extend its support to WPDI for an additional three years. In total, investments to WPDI will total more than USD $2M.

Last year, the United Nations’ refugee agency reported a 44 percent increase in Uganda’s refugee population in 2017, estimating that the sub-Saharan region now hosts nearly one-third of the world’s refugee population.

WPDI appointed Ms. Roscoe to their Board of Directors in January. In this role, she brings with her experience in developing non-profit organizations and will help WPDI scale its efforts, making education more accessible in other communities around the world.

After seeing the success of the program in Uganda, the Western Union Foundation extended its grant in 2018 to WPDI in Mexico to support 3,000 youth.

Western Union and the Western Union Foundation has a long history of supporting organizations and issues related to migration and refugees. We believe education and humanitarianism are the surest pathways to economic opportunity for fragile and vulnerable communities.


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