Western Union celebrates employee diversity

Career By Tiffany Teichrow June 25, 2019

Throughout the month of June, as we celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month, we have shared different perspectives from immigrants to the United States — from Restoring Family Links with the American Red Cross, to Upwardly Global’s efforts helping immigrant and refugee professionals integrate into the workforce.

At Western Union, we also champion diversity and inclusion as core strengths to the company. To conclude the celebration of immigrants this June, we spoke with Western Union employee Siva on his personal experience being an immigrant to the United States.

Q: Tell us your immigrant story for you and your family.
As a technology professional with over 19 years of experience, I have been presented with great chances to showcase my skills. I was offered an amazing opportunity to move from India to Canada with Western Union and knew it was a time to explore a new world and challenge myself professionally. With a young family, moving to a new country was a little overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. After two years in Canada, I was then presented another opportunity to move to the Western Union headquarters in Denver, Colorado. My goals were the same – explore, learn and grow. Western Union provided a very positive experience with a smooth move, and each person making us feel welcome.


Q: Was there a time, while migrating to either Canada or Denver that was especially challenging? What helped you through this?
Getting familiar with a new lifestyle was initially challenging. I received great help from new friends and colleagues who helped me adjust quickly.

Q: How did you initially hear about Western Union and what attracted you to the company?
I first heard of Western Union in India through advertising. What attracted me to work there was aligning with a higher goal of  ‘moving money for better’ as well as the scale and reach of such a global organization.

Q: From your experience, what is the importance of working for a company that supports migrants and refuges?
A company like this ingrains its ideology and acceptance of talent and cultures in what the organization does both within and with the outside world through the Western Union Foundation.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is looking to or needs to migrate for work?
Stay positive. Be respectful and open to the culture and environment you are about to live. At the same time, do not feel any less about where you are from and your heritage.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as an immigrant?
Always respect, never fear and treat others with love. As we are open and transcend boundaries and differences, the experience will continue to be positive and enriching.


This month was a reminder to recognize the contributions of immigrants all year long.  Let’s continue to celebrate immigrants’ heritage and lift up these stories that make our nation so diverse.