Western Union and Producers Bank renew relationship

Regional News By Jeffrey Navarro August 27, 2020

Western Union recently renewed its relationship with Producers Savings Bank Corporation (also known as Producers Bank).

Customers in the Philippines will continue to have access to convenient money transfer services, enabling them to send and receive money at more than 250 Producers Bank locations.

We are excited to continue to foster a strong relationship with Producers Bank, enabling us to connect communities in the country to their loved ones across the globe. Moving money to urban, remote and rural settings with convenience is a top priority for Western Union. We look forward to our continued collaboration, so we can meet our customers physically wherever they are, no matter how remote.

“We are very pleased to renew our successful relationship with Western Union,” said Andres Cornejo, President & CEO, Producers Bank. “Western Union is truly a global company with an extensive network worldwide, and together we have a clear, shared vision of what we collectively hope to accomplish – and that is connecting families and improving lives in the Philippines. Also, via our network in the Philippines, we are excited to continue to reach out to farmers and SMEs even in the most remote locations and provide them with access to convenient money transfer services.”

Western Union has been providing money transfer services in the Philippines since 1990. Today, it serves customers from a large network of Agent locations offering convenience to customers in the country. Customers are advised to check the Agent Locator link for the status of the nearest locations.