Western Union: An employer of choice for benefits

ESG By Tiffany Teichrow October 2, 2020

Western Union has always taken seriously its responsibility to the employees who serve our customers. From offering competitive benefits to seeking out diversity to engaging with team members and continuing to help develop their skills, we work hard to take care of the people who work hard for us.

As mentioned in our recent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report, Western Union benefit packages aim to support the health and well-being of our employees and their families, including domestic partners, in the majority of countries. We evaluate market information annually to help inform changes or additions need for our programs. The following benefits are generally available to all full-time Western Union employees:

  • Medical benefits: Traditional medical/hospitalization plans or allowances to pay for medical expenses in countries where it is market practice to do so
  • Risk insurance: Benefits (life, disability, and accidental death & dismemberment) are available in all countries either as traditional insurance policies or through an allowance
  • Global adoption assistance: Reimbursement of up to $10,000 per adoption for eligible expenses. In 2019, Western Union was recognized as a “Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace” by The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
  • Employee assistance program: Counseling, legal, and other professional services— available to Western Union employees in most countries in 2019, the program was expanded to all countries in Spring of 2020
  • Leave: Various forms of country-specific leave and may include paid time off, sick, maternity, paternity, caregiver, or military leave
  • WU scholarship program: Available to Western Union employees with college-age children
  • Employee recognition: Global, real-time manager and peer-to-peer recognition and reward program, called “Bravo!”
  • Business travel assistance and insurance: International business travel accident policy for employees traveling on authorized company business