Welcoming our Western Union HQ fall virtual internship class

Career By Gabriella Ramdass October 19, 2020

As announced over the summer, Western Union’s Fall 2020 Internship Program would be 100% virtual. In these unprecedented times, we believe it’s essential to be responsive and adaptable to change while prioritizing our employees’ health and safety. I’m grateful and honored to be one of the Interns participating in the program this semester.

Through our internship program for young professionals, the company can learn from new perspectives, while the interns gain real-world experience. They connect with global teams, attend meetings with executives, and acquire skills that further their professional development. Hiring managers benefit from increased team capacity and fresh ideas. Western Union loves being introduced and getting to know next-generation talent and preview what skills they’ll bring to the workplace. In previous years, our program for the Denver Headquarters has been based locally.  With the current global environment, we have adjusted our program, allowing the unique opportunity to welcome Interns from different parts of the country.

Looking after traditions and creating new opportunities to develop ideas is our way of fostering a culture of innovation. Thus, our pivot to a completely virtual program has not affected the eagerness of our fall 2020 internship class, and we’re ready to learn and grow!

Western Union’s Fall 2020 Internship Program

I asked a few of the current Interns about their experience so far and their expectations during their time at Western Union.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about being a #WUIntern? 

“I’m looking forward to meeting and becoming acquainted with the other interns as well as other #WUEmployees from around the world. I’m also excited to develop further my professional skills, including my communication, design, and technical abilities.” – Maya Choy, California, Product & Platform

Q: How did you feel on your first day at Western Union? 

“On my first day, I was a little nervous, but I was surprised at how smooth the transition was. I felt very welcomed and supported before my start date. Many members reached out to me, offered to be of assistance, and made me feel included as a new addition to the team!” – Aivan Traylor, Texas, Commercial Human Resources

Q: What was one of your first impressions of Western Union before joining, and how has this changed or stayed the same in the first few weeks? 

“Before starting this internship, I knew Western Union as a company with high integrity and a commitment to many of the same values that I hold myself to, with an emphasis on being purpose-driven and respectful of others. Everything that I have seen so far in my first few weeks has confirmed my beliefs and more. I’m excited to continue this journey.” – Kevin Meyer, Florida, Global Talent and Learning

Domonique Tucker, Employer Brand Senior Specialist, runs the internship program at Western Union HQ. Here’s what she had to say about the program adapting to the pandemic:

“Adapting is part of the WU DNA. As a 168-year-old organization, Western Union has always been at the forefront of change and innovation and being in a pandemic hasn’t changed this. The collaboration and support internally have been amazing as we have moved forward with the virtual program. We can’t wait to see the interns shine during their time with us!”

Western Union is committed to providing an engaging, collaborative experience for its Interns. On behalf of this class, we are eager to soak up this experience and grow our knowledge, even if remote. We are excited about the skills and relationships we will build; if anything, being virtual will help deepen them both. We know that our time with Western Union will be rewarding, fulfilling, and insightful.

To all Interns around the globe, we hope you make the best of your time at your company of choice. Stay tuned for an additional blog that wraps our journey, coming later this fall!

Gabriella Ramdass is an Intern for the Employer Brand Team for the Fall Internship Program at Western Union.