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Travelling with your partner can tricky to manage. And it doesn’t even need to be a relationship thing. I’ve also seen friendships crash and burn over the course of a trip.

Even if you vibe with someone and are comfortable hanging out with each other every day, it’s not quite the same as actually travelling with each other for 24 hours a day, for MANY days in a row (and in new and often stressful situations to boot!)

You must be prepared to see a new side of your partner and be ready for a different relationship dynamic! It might be tough, but you’re both going to come out of it with a deeper relationship if you manage it well.

As someone who travels long term with my partner, we haven’t been able to iron out ALL the kinks, but I most definitely have tips to share that will make it easier.

1) Plan in advance and manage your expectations for the trip

It doesn’t matter how well you already know each other, take some time to sit down with your partner anyway and have a real conversation about:

  1. What you want to get out of the trip
  2. What kind of place you want to travel to (city vs nature, for example)
  3. And what your pace of travel is (packed schedule vs casual and slow)

Trust me, if you go through this process and deal with the differences, you’re preventing a LOT of problems in advance.


2) Get ready to compromise

A common problem: She doesn’t want to go shopping but you do. Or maybe he wants to sleep in every morning, but you want to be out exploring.

There are going to be millions of problems if we only put ourselves first. I know sometimes it feels like the trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you really want to make the most of it. But these are the compromises you’ll have to face when travelling with your partner!

3) Give each other space

And when I say that, I mean emotional space as well. You could be in the same tourist attraction, or even in the same hotel room, but you don’t have to feel obliged to talk to your partner ALL the time, sometimes those moments of silence help you recharge.

A little bit of physical space doesn’t hurt either! Try take a day or even just half a day to do something solo. It’ll make you miss your partner and you’ll both have stories to tell at the end of it.


4) Set aside an actual date night

To some people, a trip with your partner is like one very long date! Because think about it, it’s just the two of you having a new experience together.

I personally think it’s a great idea to set aside a special date night with your bae. Go find a nice little restaurant, just walk and chill in nature, or do whatever floats your boat! Having a night just for a date makes the trip extra special.


So those are my quick tips for traveling with your partner! I hope it helps!


Xx @DearAlyne


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