7 Professional Globe-Trotters Share their Best Travel Hacks

Getting Around By Stefan Zechner March 1, 2017

Travel bloggers make a career out of traveling well. They live life on the road, maximizing their budgets, luggage space, and experiences with the tips and tricks they accumulate along the way.

We asked seven of the top travel bloggers to share their best hack so you can travel like an expert without dedicating your life to it.

1. Find Cheaper Flights by Searching on Incognito Mode

“When researching flights make sure to put your browser into incognito mode. When airlines see people searching certain routes, they raise the prices. By being in incognito mode you can research and double check prices to your heart’s content, without harming your bank balance in the process.” –Jade Johnson, Our Oyster

2. Sleep Easy with a Security Blanket (and Portable Sound Machine)

“Traveling with a few creature comforts from home is never a bad idea, especially if you are traveling with kids. We always let our kids bring their favorite stuffed animal, but more importantly for our entire family, we never leave home without our portable sound machine. It creates a consistent sound environment no matter where we go in the world, and helps block out loud guests at hotels and street noise that filters through the windows at a vacation rental. We sleep better, and it makes us feel a little more at home in a strange place.” – Keryn Means, Walking on Travels

3. Pack Light to Avoid Fees and Frustration

“Never check a bag. Baggage gets lost FAR more often thank you’d think, and hidden baggage fees are a nightmare. Pack light and only bring a carry-on bag. It will simplify your trip and keep your wallet safe from those extra baggage fees!” – Chris Oldfield, Lessons Learned Abroad

4. Download Your Maps for Offline Mode

“Before you reach your next destination, don’t forget to download the map of your hotel and your surrounding area on your wifi so then, even in a foreign country, your GPS can track you for free and you can find your way around!” – Johnny Ward, One Step 4 Ward

5. Check Out the Local Food Scene

“No matter where I’m traveling, I always make it a point to include some kind of culinary experience within my itinerary. Whether food tours, cooking classes, dining with locals, or wandering food markets, exploring a place through its food gives incredible insight into its culture.” – Leah Walker, Leah Travels

6. Preserve Your Health and the Environment with a Filtered Water Bottle

“Purchase a good filtered water bottle. Not only will it allow you to drink tap water in most countries, saving you money in the long run, you’ll also help save the environment by reducing plastic waste. Make sure it filters bacteria and parasites too, as many of them don’t.” – Matthew Karsten, Expert Vagabond

7. Backup Your ID with Hard and Soft Copies

“Bring a photocopy of your passport in your luggage, along with storing digital scans in your Dropbox or email. It’s incredibly helpful (and massively speeds up the emergency replacement process at the consulate) to have a hard copy if your wallet or passport get stolen!”Christine Amorose, C’est Christine

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