Top 10 reasons for using the Western Union® app

Go Global By Christine Wardlaw November 17, 2016

Even if you like to head to your favourite agent location or go online to send money, the Western Union® money transfer app gives you one more option.

Here are just some of the reasons you might reach for your mobile device the next time you want to send money to friends and family back home:

  1. The weather outside is frightful – If you’re in a part of the world where snow and below zero temperatures take hold for weeks or months on end, sending money from the comfort of your bed never looked so good. Rain and high winds? No problem. The Western Union app has you covered for that too. Too hot to take a walk? Well, now you’re just being picky.
  2. Holiday closures – It’s a major holiday and all the stores are closed, but you still need to send money? It’s the perfect time to use your mobile device. Available 24/7/365, the Western Union app can be a lifesaver during the high holidays.
  3. Meeting multitasking – You’re in a boring meeting where your boss just won’t stop talking? Now’s the best time to (discreetly) log in on your mobile phone and take care of those money transfers you’ve been meaning to make. If your boss asks, just tell her you’re taking notes…
  4. Your kids need the car – When you don’t have a way to actually get to the agent location because your teenagers need the family car to go to the movies, let the mobile app come to your rescue! Plus, your kids will gain new respect for your app savviness.
  5. You work the night shift – If your shift doesn’t end until the wee hours of the morning, your favourite agent location might be closed just when you need it. No worries! You can use the app to take care of your money transfers anytime, virtually anywhere.
  6. During commercials – “The Walking Dead” is on and you can’t miss it (of course). Commercial breaks are the best time to use the app because you can send money to your mom back home without missing a blood-splattered beat.
  7. Emergencies – You get an urgent call from a friend or family member who needs money quickly. You want to provide ease of mind to your loved ones as fast as possible – and driving to the closest agent location could take up valuable time. Using the mobile app is your best bet.
  8. You forgot the deadline – You need to send money to help a loved one pay a bill by the end of the month and you’ve been so busy, you just forgot! Now it’s the 31st and you need to send money ASAP. Using the Western Union app helps you move money quickly and easily, especially when sending to the same recipients on a regular basis.
  9. Road trips – The car is packed to the rafters and someone else is driving, leaving you hours and hours to kill before you get to your destination. After checking your Facebook page a zillion times, and tweeting about your road trip playlist yet again, it’s time to take care of those money transfers. It’s fast, easy, and you’ll feel so accomplished afterward.
  10. Standing in line – At the bank, the grocery store or the bus stop, why not put those few minutes to good use? Instead of cursing how slow the teller, cashier or bus driver are going, trade bad karma for good and send money to the people in your life who need it most.

The Western Union® mobile money transfer app is a great tool for sending money – whether you’re new to mobile transactions or an expert on your mobile device.

It’s also free to download in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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