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Catherine Ekonomou 2017-10-9

The Best Destination and Decade for Your Personality

If time travel was real, would you hop in a time machine and go? What if it could take you anywhere in the world? From the first Olympic Stadium in Athens to the front row of a Beatles concert in Liverpool, we’re taking an era-by-era trip to the best destinations throughout history based on your personality type.






Era: 710-1100

Personality Type: Explorer

Vikings were the original pirates. Literally. Originally used as a verb, ‘Viking’ is an Old Norse word meaning ‘a pirate raid.’ In their heyday, many Vikings left their homelands in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to conquer parts of Britain, Scotland, and Ireland – for sport and survival.

Pro Tip:
You can get a taste of Viking life by trying one of the region’s oldest diet staples: Lutefisk.






Era: 1330-1550

Personality Type: Intellectual

Ever heard the phrase it’s better to be feared than loved? Right or wrong, we have the Italian Renaissance (and Niccolo Machiavelli) to thank for that. Along with Machiavelli, Feudalism, Humanism, and Neo-Platonism were birthed in this era of contemplation. If you relish a good debate on the intrinsic nature of human beings, you’d fit right in.

Pro Tip:
Embrace your inner renaissance (wo)man by taking a scenic sip down memory lane at one of Italy’s most beautiful wine regions.






Era: 1760-1800

Personality Type: Foodie

According to the iconic French culinary encyclopedia, Larousse Gastronomique, the French Revolution laid the foundation for the modern-day restaurant industry. While food had been served alongside drinks at inns and cafes for centuries, the first restaurant opened in Paris around 1765 by a man named Boulanger who sold clear broth soups. His soups were considered ‘restorative,’ and thus the modern-day ‘restaurant’ was born.

Pro Tip:
When crops failed and the price of bread shot up, France’s working class blamed the aristocracy and, well, the rest is history. Our recommendation? If the bread’s worth waging war over, eat it.






Era: 1896-1900

Personality Type: Athlete

The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens, Greece. More than 240 athletes from 14 countries participated in the 43-event games at the Panathenaiac Stadium, where the Olympic Hymn first debuted.

Pro Tip:
You can still visit the Olympic stadium in Athens. It’s one of the only stadiums in the world built entirely out of marble. Channel your inner athlete and on the victor’s podium!






Era: 1920-1960

Personality Type: Social Butterfly

Picture this: wearing white suits, smoking cigars, and living the luxe life among the palm trees. Life in Cuba was basically one big party which lured Hollywood’s elite to its swanky hotels, nightclubs, and casinos.

Pro Tip:
Travel in groups with a licensed organization is allowed if you’re planning a trip to Cuba. Consider Havana’s must see attractions when planning .




penny lane


Era: 1960-1970

Personality Type: Musician

You say you want a revolution? 1960s England was it for the music industry. The music transcended not only English culture, but the entire Western world. As one Telegraph article states, “[Their music] was a voyage of wild discovery into melody, harmony, lyricism, rhythm, and production and more, a moment when youth culture matured into something philosophically and artistically adult.”

Pro Tip:
While we love London, consider checking out Liverpool when you visit. It’s home to England’s resident good-boys gone bad (The Beatles), and on our list of up-and-coming tourist destinations.


San Francisco


san francisco


Era: 2000-Modern Day

Personality Type: Entrepreneur

Apps can be built anywhere, but tech giants, start-ups, and job seekers still flock to the Bay Area for work. While rising rent has forced some to relocate to Austin or Seattle, companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple are still carrying the torch for ‘seeing the future and lead[ing] the world to it.

Pro Tip :
San Francisco has always been a city of record-breaking innovation. Walk down the Golden Gate Bridge, which was the longest bridge span in the world when it officially opened in 1937.


Next time you plan a vacation consider taking a trip back in time. Who knows? You might feel so at home that you make it permanent.


This Article was written by

Catherine Ekonomou

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