Three steps to take before you apply for a Visa

Go Global By Dear Alyne February 27, 2019

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I’ve travelled to more than 70 countries and I used to think that was a huge accomplishment until I realized that I’ve had it easy all this time. That’s because I hold an American passport, one of the most powerful passports in the world.

Not everyone has it easy as I do, and I realized that when I tried to apply for a visa to Pakistan. Not only is there paperwork, the process is long and expensive. And sometimes, you need to book a return flight just to APPLY for the visa, and there is no guarantee you will get it. That’s expensive!! And if you have a weaker passport or a lower income than most Americans, it can be even harder.

People are people, and I believe your passport shouldn’t define you. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t get easy access to travel just because of the country they were born in.

I can’t imagine how many people might have put off their dreams to travel just because they aren’t able to get visas. I mean, even I nearly felt like giving up because the process is so long and tedious. And even my boyfriend almost felt like giving up because he was rejected from entering Australia three times. (We’re glad he didn’t give up though, cause he got in on his fourth try.)

And if we keep it real, visa applications are honestly very frustrating because every rejection is a person telling you that you can’t. That you can’t visit the country you would love to see, you can’t begin to try applying for a job that you dream of, and you can’t visit people you’d love to meet.


So I really respect the people who don’t stop trying, even if there isn’t a guarantee that they’re going to make it in. Because it takes a lot of inner strength and determination to keep trying when the odds are bad.


If you’re going through a tough time with visa applications right now, here are my tips help you through it:

1) Talk to people who have obtained a visa to the place you want to go.

The internet can be a rich resource. Search the web for forums or post a question asking people about their experiences when they applied. Find out what they did, if they had any criteria that set them apart or helped them get the visa.

2) Plan waaaay in advance

You might not get your visa the first, the second or third time you apply. So apply for a visa months in advance. Then you don’t have to buy flight tickets last minute and waste money.

3) Set aside the money for applications

I recommend putting aside a sum of money for several applications in advance, that way when you need to pay up for your applications, or if unexpected costs crop up, you’re not gonna feel disappointed or worried, because you prepared!

Applying for a visa is really about the waiting game, good planning and managing your emotions. Remember, if you don’t try, you’ll never know if you might have made it. So don’t give up.

Xx @DearAlyne


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