The Future of Mobile Money

How smartphone apps are poised to disrupt a $600 billion industry.

When was the last time you went outside to check the weather or turned to your desktop for directions?

Mobile phones have all but replaced some of our most basic behaviors – both in life and online

Even Western Union. a company with more than 500,0001 brick-and-mortar agent locations around the world, found that 59% of our business is conducted on mobile.

Of course this isn’t breaking news. We’ve all started using the internet on our phones. But mobile browsers aren’t the last stage in the revolution.

Smartphone apps account for 3 out of every 4 minutes spent on our phones3. Just as our phones have become an extension of ourselves, apps have become our primary window to the world. And though the shift is clear, many money management providers have been slow to release new technology. At Western Union, we’re constatnly innovating to ensure mobile money transfer hap[pens where you want it most: in our app.

Do you know how apps affect money management?

Western Union surveyed internet users about their app habits to find out how smart phones are impacting money management in the U.S.

58.4% of respondents said they have bank apps on their phone.

The Latest App Trends

Internal Assistance

From customer service to restaurant suggestions, in-app personal assistants are literally always at your service.

Last year, Western Union beta-tested internal chat in our U.K. app. This provided faster responses for users, seeking help. We're now working on a suite of self-service tools - including voice-operated teller service - so consumers have everything they need to complete a transaction in the palm of their hand. Our 24/7, 365-day customer service teams will continue to be available by phone, social media, and email.

Enhanced Security

Over 60% of Americans are concerned about information security when they use mobile apps5. Western Union conducts real-time risk assessments on transactions, leveraging our advanced fraud and compliance engines. In addition to these risk assessments, Western Union works with local compliance officers around the world to clear transactions quickly. With over 146 years of reliable and efficient financial service experience, Western Union is a reliable brand you can trust.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

53% of 18-24 year olds have downloaded an app because of a unique feature, like VR, AR, or Internet of Things integration5. While Western Union hasn’t entered the realm of virtual or augmented reality yet, we’ve implemented fingerprint identification on both iOS and Android systems and tested video identification in Germany.


Western Union has more than 500,000 agent locations1 in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world. Our in-app agent search feature offers directions, hours, and available services for the nearest agent locations.

If you prefer to send cash through an agent, our app has a stage and pay option called App-Initiated Retail (AIR). With AIR, you can begin your transaction on your phone and finish it at a participating agent location.


Personalization is a growing trend among app users, with 55% of American millennials customizing their apps to their location or preference5. And this trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by our engineers. Using our app, it’s easy to send recurring bill payments6 and transfer money by personalizing your homepage location and storing your payment information.


From fees and timing to tracking transfer statuses, people want to know what’s happening in the money transfer process – which is why our app has a fee estimator to help you determine the expected price of your transaction before you hit send. You can also track your transfers directly from your mobile device and enable push notifications so you know the moment your money is received.

Better Money Transfer at Your Fingertips

  • Send money on-the-go, anytime to more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Send money to hundreds of companies with more businesses added regularly.
  • Track transfers directly from your mobile device.
  • Map to agent locations, and get directions, hours and a list of services.

Discover & Download the Right App for You

The Western Union App is available in 62 countries.

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Chief Information Officer, David Thompson, put it best in a recent interview with The Enterprisers Project:
"Our clients like to have all three options of web, mobile, and retail. So omni-channel is really what we're doing."

Constant innovation has helped Western Union become one of the largest digital money transfer companies in the world. While most commercial banks and financial institutions leverage app technology, Western Union is one of the few going beyond local and domestic products, concentrating on cross-border technology. And the stakes are high: our model projects that the cross-border mobile money remittance market will grow to $533 million in revenue by 2020.

There are significant barriers regarding fraud and compliance, but regulatory understanding, extensive networks throughout the world, and name recognition position Western Union at the head of the pack in terms of global digital money transfer.