Talent is No. 1

Career By Hikmet Ersek, Western Union CEO October 13, 2017

With more than 10,000 employees and millions of agent front line associates serving the needs of our customers in 200 countries and territories, talent is key to our success and growth. Western Union operates from a position of strength – and it starts with our people.

I’m proud that we’re being recognized for our commitment to developing WU’s employees around the world. Our innovative and dedicated teams in HR, led by our talent chief, Richard Williams, have created best-in-class learning and development programs that allow our employees to better focus on and improve the experience of our customers.

#1 on ATD’s Best Awards

Western Union topped this year’s ATD (Association for Talent Development) Best Awards, in our third year of making the list. Our #1 ranking recognizes WU’s demonstrated excellence in talent development, at an enterprise level, and our ability to deliver learning and development programs, and connect individual and organizational performance.

A prime example is our progressive performance management program: Guide.Perform.Succeed. Through GPS, our employees gain a clear understanding of how their work aligns with our company strategy, and how they can take the customer experience to a new level, as well as have open conversations on their own development and improvement.

Richard Williams’ leadership on GPS was also honored by Chief Learning Officer magazine, with a 2017 Learning in Practice Talent Management Gold Award.

One Young WU

Growth and development can take many different forms. As a purpose-driven company, WU is committed to offering our employees growth opportunities in which they can make a difference on global issues. For the third straight year, we invited some of our top millennial leaders to represent the company at the annual One Young World Summit in Bogota, Colombia in early October.

Our One Young WU delegates represented Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia. As part of WU’s commitment to Standing #WithRefugees, the group invited two young former refugees to attend the summit as part of the company’s delegation. Along with taking part in sessions on education, environment, leadership and government, poverty alleviation and economic development, peace and reconciliation, they participated in an action learning project related to Standing #WithRefugees

From our award-winning development programs to the active involvement of our One Young WU team, our company has created important building blocks to bring even greater value to our customers. We are at a decisive moment, with a clear focus on executing on our strategy and future growth. We’re excited to open the way for employees and our company to realize our full potential.