It takes a community to move a dreamer to a doer

WU Talks By WU Newsroom June 7, 2018

By Caroline Tsai, EVP & General Counsel, WU

What does it take to champion an idea until it becomes a program that changes lives? What separates someone sitting on the sideline with a person who enters the race?

Western Union is proud to sponsor a summit that will bring together two generations of women with a shared purpose — to make the world a fairer place, thus enabling leaders of today to pass on the advice and tools the next generation needs to rise and shine.

We have teamed up with Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL), the global network of tenured and current female politicians, to encourage more girls to get involved in politics, with the goal of increasing female representation in political and government roles and driving greater diversity of thinking in policymaking and governance.

21 young women—20 from G(irls)20, an organization that places girls and women at the center of the G20 economic decision-making process, along with author Sandra Uwiringiyimana, —are attending the Women Political Leadership Summit this week in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We can see first-hand from our work in 200 countries and territories that when people collaborate across professions, borders, or genders we move one step closer to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Western Union has 167 years of history and innovation and we have a distinct vantage point on the intersection of cultures and diverse needs that define global money movement, where senders and receivers in different cities, countries and continents may live in completely different economic, financial and technology ecosystems.

By building relationships and networking across hundreds of countries, we understand the power of connectivity at our core.

Western Union believes the world needs the best leadership from diverse ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds—and across all sectors, including business, academia, community, and government— to be engaged.

We want to keep everyone in the race for success.