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Western Union Global Social 2016-6-13

How To Successfully Travel Abroad In A Large Group

Cheerful backpackers looking map on the street in the city.

Traveling abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s an activity that is not only exciting, but also eye opening, as it allows you to see the world through a different lens. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is one of the best times to travel, whether it’s to the relaxing beaches of Mexico or the busy nightlife in Shanghai. While many travel either with their friends or family members, there are plenty of times when you might have the chance to go in a large group of people.

Whether it’s with your classmates during school time or through a coupon or deal you found online that you could not pass up, traveling in a large group can give you a chance that you might not have had otherwise. Don’t pass it up! Instead, take a look at our tips on how to successfully travel abroad in a large group while staying safe in the process!


Research, Research, Research


You can never know enough. Always try to learn as much about a country or culture before traveling. You don’t want to offend anyone, nor do you want to be caught in any kind of unfortunate situation where you’re confused, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the proper cultural etiquette. Also, since you’re in a large group, make sure all of the activities and attractions that you plan to do or see don’t have age or size restrictions. It wouldn’t be fun if half of the group missed out, so try to plan things you can all do!


Incorporate a Buddy System


When you’re traveling in groups of ten or even twenty, things can get a bit hectic, which is why you should incorporate a buddy system to make sure no one person gets left behind. This means that if you are traveling in a group of 12, there will be six different pairs of two. You and your buddy will account for one another; wherever they go, you will go too, and vice versa. Finding yourself alone in a different country can be scary, and this will help avoid that scenario.


Arrange A Meet-Up Spot


In the unfortunate scenario that you should find yourself lost or separated from the group, having an arranged meet-up spot can help. This can be any familiar place that is very easy to find, such as a famous landmark or even the hotel or place where you are staying. If you or anyone else in the group gets lost, they can simply head to the meet-up spot and rejoin the group later on without a worry.


Make a Plan and Stick To It


Making a daily schedule for all the activities you have planned is key to enjoying a trip while traveling in a large group. Many people will have different opinions and preferences, but if you can all sit down and agree on a set time and place for your daily travels, it will be smooth sailing the entire trip long.




Keep An Open Mind


One thing you have to realize is that you might not get to do everything that you personally wanted to do. That’s ok! Keep an open mind and enjoy your trip regardless. This is an amazing opportunity that you might not get to experience again, so take it all in. Try to compromise as best you can with everyone, so you all get to experience something that you like.


Even if it doesn’t go exactly as you had planned, we promise it will be an unforgettable time anyway! Whether you’re with family, friends or a new group of people, traveling abroad is pure bliss, so pack your camera and prepare to make a ton of memories.

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