How To Successfully Give A Work Presentation

Career By Christine Wardlaw January 15, 2017

Did you just start a new career or land a new job? When you do, there are many new experiences and opportunities to explore, one of them being the chance to give a work presentation.

When your boss asks you to give a presentation for an important client or to your colleagues at work, it can be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you come across as professional, knowledgeable, and confident as possible. To help you successfully give a work presentation, WU has some great tips to help you during your time in the spotlight.

Determine the Problem You’re There to Solve

If you’ve been called upon to give a presentation at work, there’s a reason. Perhaps you’ve been asked to do research and share your findings, educate your colleagues about something, or get everyone up-to-date on a project. Remember that everyone wants and/or needs to hear what you’re saying. Look at it as if you’re solving a problem for your team and that will help take the ease off and you can now speak with authority about your solutions.

Acknowledge Your Nervousness

It’s normal to be nervous while giving a presentation. It’s actually expected that you’ll be at least a little bit nervous, so don’t worry if you are. Nerves can actually work to your advantage when presenting as they make you more awake, aware, and focused.


Focus On a Story

If you can frame your presentation as a story of some kind, you’ll be able to capture and keep your audience’s attention for much longer. Figure out a journey that you can share, and tell a story rather than just recite information. Add humor if appropriate to keep your audience engaged.

Rehearse Your Delivery

The best thing you can do is practice your delivery several times in advance so that the words roll off your tongue even if your mind blanks for a moment. Also, work on controlling any nervous ticks such as swaying, pacing, fidgeting, pulling on your clothes, or touching your hair. The best thing to do is stand still and use hand gestures for emphasis rather than move around.


Consider the Meaning Behind Your Presentation

The worst thing a presenter can do is simply read information directly off of a chart or slide that people can read themselves. Rather than merely stating facts or statistics, think about the meaning behind them. For instance, if revenues are going up, what possibilities does that allow for? If revenues are going down, what changes need to be made to get the company back on the right track? What solutions can you suggest that will help the situation?

Again, thinking of yourself as someone who solves problems rather than recites data will help keep your presentation engaging and help your boss see all the valuable ideas you bring to the table.

Dress For Success

If you’re giving a presentation at work, it’s smart to dress up a little more than you would on an average day. When presenters look sharp and professional, they appear more authoritative and in control than someone who dresses casually.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to giving successful presentations at work that hopefully lead to a promotion one day! Want more great career advice? Be sure to check out our other WU blogs!