Send and receive Western Union money transfers at CARD Bank in the Philippines

Regional News By Jeffrey Navarro August 19, 2020

Customers in the Philippines can now send and receive money at more than 200 CARD Bank locations across the country, and eventually at more than 1,500 other CARD MRI Offices. Western Union and CARD Bank, a microfinance-oriented rural bank in the Philippines, have joined forces to offer domestic and international money transfer services, connecting customers to more than 200 countries and territories..

Western Union is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of today’s complex and interconnected world. We provide the freedom and dignity to move money when, where and how our customers choose. With CARD Bank, we have a clear, shared vision of what we hope to accomplish. Financial services are not just a luxury for the few, but a necessity for all – an economic lifeline that we are determined to deliver. We are proud to extend our network with CARD Bank, offering our money transfer services to everyone, including underserved customers in rural and remote areas.

“CARD Bank has been formed and guided with the commitment to work for the alleviation of poverty and empower the socially and economically challenged Filipino families through responsible financial services,” said Marivic Austria, President & CEO, CARD Bank, Inc. “We are excited to collaborate with Western Union and empower customers with access to efficient and reliable money transfer services.”

The Philippines was the world’s fourth-largest remittance-receiving country in 2019, according to the World Bank. Western Union serves customers from a large network of Agent locations facilitating convenience for customers in the Philippines. Customers are advised to check the Agent Locator link for the status of the nearest locations.