Receiving Money Transfer Updates When It Really Matters

At Western Union (WU), we believe in moving money for better, and that when money moves, better things can happen. Emergency workers receive much-needed aid. A parent provides for a child. A business opens its doors.

Throughout over 200 countries and territories, WU moved over $150 billion for consumer and business clients in 2015. With over 85%* of the world’s population now using a mobile phone every day, WU is expanding our SMS text message notification program to enhance your customer experience.

How SMS Notification Works

WU’s SMS notification program gives customers text message updates with the status of their money transfers. At a WU agent location, customers can simply provide their mobile number to the associate at the time of transaction. In the nearly 90 countries that participaten the SMS notification program, the sender will then be kept informed via text message as to the status of the transfer, and receive a confirmation when the receiver has picked up the money.**


Why SMS?

Money can be a sensitive subject, and when you trust WU to move your money, we want to make it quick and convenient. We believe that SMS is the most personalized and convenient way to communicate status updates available today.

Why Does SMS Matter?

Every person who uses Western Union to move money has a story. Perhaps a parent sent money to a child overseas who needed those funds to make the journey home. Money could have been sent to a friend or relative to help pay for a medical procedure, or to a student to pay for tuition. With time zone differences and varying levels of voice connectivity around the world, it can sometimes be challenging to connect with receivers to make sure they’ve picked up the money. That’s where SMS comes in: giving you the peace of mind that your money has reached the right hands.

At WU, we’re committed to making sure you have the best customer experience possible. Do you have any suggestions for the SMS notification program? Let us know in the comments below!

* Source: Pew Research Center

**Message and data rates may apply.


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