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Emily Larson 2017-10-6

Western Union Funds 10 Projects Supporting Refugees

At Western Union, we believe moving money for better means moving money for a better world – creating value for individuals, businesses and society. The Chain of Betters initiative has given people across the globe the opportunity to help create a better world. . Through this initiative, 10 projects nominated by the public in support of refugees were selected and funded with $1,000 each.

1. Majad & livestock for Aleppo

Our first accomplishment began with Majad.Majad moved to Turkey from Syria with his family nearly 2 years ago. He wanted to help women widowed in the war support their children sustainably. The money from Western Union bought 60 families three hens and a rooster each, giving them fresh eggs for winter.

2. Anna & a stove for Daraa

Meanwhile in Daraa, a Syrian town close to the  border with Jordan, Anna used the money given by Western Union to buy stoves and fuel for a local orphanage, to help keep children orphaned by war warm in winter.


3. David & music therapy for Jordan

In Jordan, Western Union funded a project nominated by David who had built a music therapy program, to buy more musical instruments and equipment. The music therapy program is designed to help refugee children overcome trauma through listening and playing music. David hopes to expand his music therapy program to help more children and create a scalable model that can be replicated elsewhere so that it gives refugee children a chance at being healthy and hopeful adults.


4. Anna & bread for Turkey

Our next success story takes us to Kilis, Turkey where many Syrian refugees live in bleak conditions. A lot of women in the community confided in Anna,  that they would love to set up their own bread bakery to produce Syrian bread and support their family. Thanks to Anna’, Western Union was able to grant money for a tabun oven, ingredients, gas supply and plastic bags to empower the women to set up their own bakeries for income.


5. Ariel & support for Greece

In Greece, Ariel used the money provided by Western Union to fund two months of transport, housing and basic materials for a field team enlisted to provide legal assistance and non-legal aid for refugees and asylum seekers. The field team helps support on relocation, family reunification and asylum for the refugees.


6. Mairi & x-rays for Polykastro

We go nearby to Northern Greece in Polykastro, Central Macedonia where Mairi helped use the money donated by Western Union to fund X-ray equipment in a local refugee health center. This health center continues to provide services to the thousands of Syrian refugees in that region.


7. Abdulazez & photography for Thessaloniki

Also in the same area, Western Union funded photography materials for a young Syrian refugee, Abdulazez. He has a gift for photography and poetry and is able to document the reality of being a refugee and sharing his images with the world through his Facebook page. He highlights the love, camaraderie, and hope that exists in refugee communities.


8. Anette & art for Paris

In France, thanks to Anette, Western Union was able to supply art materials for a young talented couple who had been forced to flee Iran. It helped made a massive difference to Hura and Mehdi who had been seeking asylum in France. They were able to continue their work and prepared an exhibition for International Women’s Day2017  that focused on the theme of women’s liberty and freedom.


9. Laura & sewing for Germany

In neighboring Germany, Laura purchased sewing machines and a table for refugees with the money provided by Western Union to help expand a sewing café designated to help the refugees interact with the locals in Mannheim. The refugees are able to learn German and get to know the local culture more intimately through social interaction while working on sewing projects.


10. Somos Humanos SATX & funding for San Antonio

And lastly, Western Union provided funding to a volunteer group, Somos Humanos SATX, based in San Antonio, Texas. Somos Humanos SATX offer support and companionship for unaccompanied and undocumented children entering the United States seeking refuge. Most of the children are from Central American countries who have fled their homes to escape violence, persecution and other life threatening situations.


The Chain of Betters initiative is now closed to entries, but you can discover more projects that have supported and empowered people all over the world at

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