More power to the female leaders of tomorrow


Women Political Leaders, the global network of female politicians, is teaming up with Western Union to encourage more girls to get involved in politics and help shape tomorrow’s world for better. This year, Western Union sponsored 21 young women to attend the WPL Summit in Lithuania, the foremost gathering of female politicians in the world. Check out their inspiring stories #RightNow

The female leaders of tomorrow
Dunola Oladapo
FX Trading Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs

“Their projects hopefully will inspire other young women so we have this ripple effect.”
Lungelwa Mambesi Goje
Feminist and young upcoming entrepreneur

"The core thing that we're doing is making mathematics fun."
Bailey Greenspon
Seniour Program Manager at

"We are dedicated to building the next generation of female leaders from around the world."
Lorenna Santos Vilas Boas
Electrical Engineering student from Brazil

“That was the point that I felt like I could do anything in life using technology. It's a super power."
Mariana Vieyra-Caballero
G(irls)20 ambassador, supporting groups for political participation and gender equality

“You really have to know yourself and then you are aware that everything is possible for you.”
Ramona Abdallah
Architecture Master student and founding member of "Architects for Change"

“One is not born into being a leader. You learn that stuff.”
Raquel Silva
Global Affairs student at Yale University

"I really hope that the next generation of women are not afraid to be women."
Sally Dimachki
Project coordinator at "Refugee 613"

“As a Syrian many of my family members are refugees right now. My goal is making sure that they get the support they need.”
Sandra Uwiringiyimana
Author of "How Dare the Sun Rise"

“It takes so little to create such a big change for women in Congo.”
Yulia Khalikova
PhD candidate, focusing on judicial politics and human rights in Russia

“I’d love the next generation of women to be able to follow their passion and not be afraid of that.”

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