Expanding Western Union’s network in Ukraine: Money transfers now available at Nova Poshta

Money By Nicholas Mandalas August 17, 2021

Western Union’s retail network of over 550,000 locations across more than 200 countries and territories is one of the biggest financial networks in the world, connecting millions of our customers seamlessly to the global economy.

But we don’t stand still. We continue to enhance our network, improving its coverage and quality as best as we can, offering our customers more convenience and choice. As part of this strategy, we recently launched international money transfers through Ukraine’s Nova Poshta.

In just 20 years since its foundation, Nova Poshta has managed to become one of Ukraine’s biggest postal networks, with its own non-banking financial institution NovaPay, and is in the top-30 of the biggest Ukrainian companies. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, NovaPay has a leading share in 46% of the local money transfer market, with a total of 3,500 locations across what is one of Europe’s biggest markets. In 2020, the company made 264 million transfers.

Nova Poshta customers can both send and receive international money transfers, in thousands of locations across Ukraine. Money transfers are available in the local currency, hryvnia.

Nova Poshta and NovaPay are now part of an impressive roster of financial institutions and post offices Western Union works within the CIS and globally, offering FI customers enhanced customer money transfer experience combined with convenience and unmatched tech capabilities.