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Stefan 2016-11-17

Meet Karla: Western Union Canada mobile app user

Karla P. lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and started using Western Union Canada’s mobile app almost as soon as it was released!

Why did she jump on the chance to add the app to her mobile phone?

The convenience. The speed. The flexibility.

“I always use Western Union because I can count on it. When I send money [to the Philippines] I know my family receives it right away. I started using the app two weeks ago and I like it because wherever I may be I can send money and that’s a huge convenience. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re done.”

Karla says the app is also quick and a cinch to use.

“It’s easy, and fast on my end and on [my family’s] end,” she says. “It allows me to check the exchange rate and I like that if the exchange rate goes up, Western Union allows you to send more money for the same rate.”

Mobile app helps Karla balance her busy life

Before Karla moved to Canada in April, 2016, she was a nurse in the Philippines. Now, she works as a health care aide and plans to pursue a career as a nurse in Canada.

She uses Western Union regularly to send money to her family in Nueva Esija, in the Philippines.

Her mom uses the money to pay for her medication and other expenses at home, and her brother spends some on his school tuition fees.

Being able to rely on Western Union to help her send money to her family is a big help for Karla as she pursues her dreams in Canada.

The app also gives her more flexibility in her busy lifestyle, helping her to balance all her commitments.

“I’m planning to go to school again and pursue my career, but I still have to send money to the Philippines, save money and have time for myself, because I want to make the most of my life. I have to balance my career, family commitments and enjoy my life at the same time.”

Free to download

Western Union Canada’s mobile app is a fast and convenient tool for sending money.

It’s also free to download in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

To learn more, check out

This Article was written by

Stefan Search, App & Content Marketing Lead for Western Union. Focussed on acquisition through natural channels. Passionate about life, love and the interplay of it all.

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