Lexy’s story – A Lea(r)n Deployment update

People By Lexy Nathalia Chavarria June 10, 2020

I first started at Western Union as an intern with the Agents implementation team responsible for agencies equipment, account and status maintenance. Previously, I supported agents and helped them to comply with the needed requirements according to the country they were at to operate at their best.

Lean Deployment Training SessionOnce my internship ended, I was interviewed for a position as a Courtesy and Call Back Anti-Money Laundering Specialist to work with the compliance team. During that year, I dedicated all my efforts to improve my customer service skills to serve customers in the fight against fraud. One day, I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Cross Functional team initiative assisting customers that were identified as repeated callers; we wanted to understand the reasoning for the repeat calls and address it to improve the service Western Union provides its customers.

The Cross Functional team (XFT) was led by Nicole Zimmermann and her Lean Deployment team, which guided us through the WU Way tools and practices. We had daily debriefs and problem solving sessions; once we recognized that there was a painful process towards resolution for the customer, we dedicated time to brainstorming around our current processes, and how we could make the experience better for the customer. We had a clear understanding of the metrics and SLAs needed so that we could review our numbers every day, share best practices, review how we could improve, and make our jobs more efficient.

Working with Nicole and her team was one of the most enriching work experiences I have ever had. I was impressed by her leadership skills, how she was detail oriented, a hard worker, passionate, and foster a healthy work environment for everyone – assuring that the team felt empowered to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Nicole is one those people that make commitments; she is not afraid to defend what she believes in. She leads by example and has great communication skills to unify the people she works with to be in the same place she is in terms of her vision and mission.

Currently, I am part of the Quality Platform operations team. It has been a challenging journey that has allowed me to develop skills that have better prepared me to perform at my best. It all started with my weekly quality assurance results, providing me with feedback on key aspects that ensure customers were receiving excellent customer service and accurate resolutions for their transactions. As part of the Quality Platform team, my main role is to coach customer service representatives by indicating what could have been better and how to improve it, by providing clear guidelines and setting explicit expectations to set them for success.

My experience with the XFT gave me skills that I still use to this day with my team. Especially now as we navigate how to best work together as a team at home during COVID-19. The XFT taught me to focus and operate at my best, being mindful of my time and to use the available resources to deliver excellent results.