How to Improve Your Working Relationship With Your Peers

Go Global By Western Union Global Social April 17, 2016


Working with others in a team or office environment certainly has its benefits as far as productivity. Teamwork is such an important aspect at a job, since we always accomplish more as a team than we do alone.

Every workplace has its own culture that employees have to learn to adapt to. If you’re starting a new job and want to make sure that you and your co-workers have successful relationships, Western Union has some tips on how to improve them so you can have a happier and more harmonious work life.

Think Positive

Everyone has bad days every now and then, but it’s important to remember to always try to stay as positive as possible at work. If you feel emotional or you’ve been upset by something, it’s fine to take a break and walk away until you feel more in control and can deal with the situation productively. Your co-workers will respond more positively to your upbeat attitude and you’ll be able to be more productive and get more done!


Be Friendly

Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly! Always start each day by asking your co-workers how they are doing or what they did over the weekend. If they seem overwhelmed or stressed, offer your assistance. Show your peers that you are there for them and you are more than just a co-worker. When you least expect it, they just might return the favor and help you out in your time of need.

Watch Your Nonverbal Communication

You may not realize it, but your body language may be speaking on your behalf. If you sit in meetings with your arms crossed, or avoid eye contact, or don’t smile when you see people, your co-workers might get the wrong impression. Be sure to smile every now and then, it’s the best thing you can wear! Eye contact is also important, as is sitting in a more relaxed posture at meetings. Even if you don’t utter a word, just having a more relaxed and friendly demeanor can make others feel more comfortable around you. Your employers will definitely take notice and it might even help move you further up the ranks.


Get To Know One Another

It can be nice to make friends with your colleagues and spend time with them outside of work. Try to set up a group meet-up on the weekend or organize a team lunch. It can be hard to get to know a person when you only see them while they are busy at work, so try to seek them out and introduce yourself in your free time. Even if you invite them to sit with you during your quick 15-minute break, it can go a long way in building a relationship that is both friendly and professional.

Following these guidelines will help you to have a better work life. Whether you’re starting a new job or settling into a new career, Western Union is here for you to help out in any way.