How to reliably send money to Ukraine

Tips By David Plaisant January 10, 2020

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Despite their distance, Italy and Ukraine are connected in a number of ways, including trade and migration. In fact, the latest I.Stat figures show that Italy is now home to over 239,000 Ukrainian residents, and according to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Italian Republic, trade between the two countries, as well as exchanges of people and money, are steadily increasing.

With more people migrating from their home country to Italy, it’s never been more important to know how to send money to Ukraine. Whether you need to move funds between your accounts, pay for essentials for relatives or simply wire a gift to a loved one back home, if you’ve migrated from Ukraine to Italy, you need reliable money transfer services. Here’s how Western Union money transfers can help you get the most from your euros.

Cost efficiency

When your family back home in Ukraine is in need of money, it’s critical that you’re quickly able to help. With Western Union, you can set up recurring payments, schedule payments ahead of time and send your euros directly to Ukraine quickly, only paying a transfer fee.

Because Ukraine isn’t a part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), which allows citizens within SEPA to send cashless payments, traditional bank transfers can sometimes involve processing time and fees.

Worry-free transfers

How and when your family receives their payment is important, especially if the money is meant to help with paying bills or addressing emergencies. With the Western Union® app, you can simply select how you want your family to receive their money. If your partner or kids want fast account deposits, you can set up recurring payments to be added directly to their bank accounts. If your parents prefer cash, they can pick up their money at one of many Western Union locations throughout Ukraine, speaking directly with an agent who can help them with their transfer needs.

When your money is set to help a loved one in need, the last thing you want to worry about is the logistics of sending them money. Western Union helps make sure your money gets to your recipient reliably. Each transaction — recurring or one-time — is accompanied by a tracking number, allowing you to follow your money while it swiftly gets to its destination.

Reliability and convenience

For many, migrating from Ukraine to Italy requires you to not only set up your new life, but also to establish ways to stay financially connected to your family, friends and loved ones back home. The Western Union® app lets you take advantage of reliable money transfer services from the convenience of your smartphone, enabling you to take care of your own financial obligations and help your loved ones meet theirs. Whether you need to convert currency from hryvnia to euros, stay on top of exchange rates or set up prepaid recurring payments to family, the app can ensure you get what you need. For Ukrainians living in Italy, that can make all the difference in your financial planning.

Start sending money to loved ones back home.

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