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Dear Alyne 2018-11-27

How to keep your energy up while travelling

WU Brand Ambassador Dear Alyne is a World Citizen and has been to 72 countries around over the Globe. She is a WU customer and guest blogger who we’ve teamed up with. Follow along with her adventures, here:   

As someone who’s been a full-time traveler for over 2 years now, living in hotels and carrying my own bags like a very top-heavy turtle, I’ve used A LOT of energy. Being in airports every week, navigating language barriers, and constantly searching for good food can definitely be draining. While I can’t say I’m never tired, but I do manage to keep quite a fast pace when I’m moving around the world. Here are a few of my best tips (along with a couple from some full-time travel friends) on how to keep up your energy while travelling.

1.) Don’t take days off. This might seem counterintuitive, but when you take a big break while travelling, you lose momentum. Especially if you have a short trip, losing a full day to resting could mean you miss something amazing! That being said, if you’re super sick or emotionally drained, of course you can and should take a day off. But if you’re just tired and want a break, buckle up and keep going! You’re finally traveling so you should enjoy, see, and do as much as possible. You’ll remember making the extra effort to see a beautiful sunset, but you probably won’t remember an extra nap at the hotel!

2.) Think smart not hard. I often use this phrase in my life. If you are a traveler with extra pocket money, sometimes it’s nice to use it. Spending a bit more for a spacious hotel with better amenities, cleanliness, and service can refresh you much more than sleeping somewhere that’s perhaps half as much but with much worse...everything. Of course, price doesn’t always dictate quality, but you get the point; sometimes it’s worth paying extra for a better, more time-efficient, or relaxing experience.

3.) Don’t overeat. That sounds simple but the reality is, many of us love to eat lots on vacation. But the truth is, when I hold back and eat just enough, I not only enjoy the flavor more, but I have more energy throughout the day. Soups or salads with tomato, greens, and light olive oil and lemon dressing are tasty, reviving, energizing and full of nutrition. Overeating can slow you down, and make you feel sleepy, heavy and even uncomfortable. So, enjoy that Italian pizza, but when you’re full - you’re full!

4.) Take micro naps. When I’m about to die of exhaustion but I need to keep going, I take micro naps! Just closing your eyes for a few moments without actually sleeping can help you and your brain relax. Science agrees! So, if I’m in a cab, on the bus, or even at a restaurant, I just close my eyes and breathe deeply. Shutting out the light and stimulation is relaxing and gives my mind a moment of recovery.

When travelling, as with life, balance is always key! Above all, always listen to your body and do what you feel is best for you. Stay excited about what you get to see and do and you’ll find the energy you need!

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Dear Alyne Dear Alyne is the creator of “Dear Alyne”, a Facebook page with over 600,000 members from around the world. She creates weekly videos that open conversations around topics like “The Pink Tax”, “The Visa Trap”, and other relevant social issues.

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