How to Be More Confident in the Workplace

People By Christine Wardlaw August 30, 2016

Workplace dynamics can be tricky. With many different personalities in the mix in a work setting, it’s natural to feel intimidated at times and not always put your best foot forward with your workmates. Also, if you have a naturally introverted or shy personality, colleagues and superiors may wrongly assume you’re not as self-assured as others in your workplace.

No matter what your personality type, you want to make sure you project a confident image so everyone has faith that you can get your job done expertly and efficiently. WU has compiled some useful tips to help you feel more confident in the workplace and project a positive image to your colleagues and superiors.

Smile More Often

Smiling not only makes you feel more confident and happy, but also brightens up those around you and makes them feel comfortable in your presence. It makes you appear more attractive, sincere, and likable, and also has health benefits! According to Psychology Today, “smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work toward fighting off stress.”

When you walk in the door at your workplace, be sure to smile at everyone. It can go a long way towards maintaining the health of your mind and spirit, as well as your relationships with colleagues.


Dress for Success

Dressing up a bit at work can help you project more confidence and power, particularly in meetings where you might be asked to speak. Some professions require suits or formal uniforms because the companies need their employees to project a confident and professional image at all times. Other companies have more relaxed dress codes, but still, on important days, it would be smart to dress up to feel and look more confident.

Learn New Skills

Technology changes lightening-fast these days, and can leave some employees feeling less confident if they’re not up on the newest software programs and apps. Taking advantage of company-sponsored education and keeping certifications current is a great way to keep your confidence levels high and also keep you attractive to employers down the line.


Practice Self-Care

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with workplace and family responsibilities. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself, especially during stressful times. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and meditating in a quiet room for a few minutes each day will do wonders for your self-esteem, and help you feel and look more rested and confident at work.

Make Time to Have Fun

All work and no play aren’t good for your health or self-esteem. If work is your entire life, it can be easy to place too much importance on it and find your confidence on a rollercoaster based on what’s happening with your superiors and colleagues.

Don’t forget to see the bigger picture and know that you’re valuable both at work and outside of work as well. Make time to see friends and build up hobbies, interests, and a social life so that you feel good about yourself in general. It’ll also make you more interesting to talk to at work, and help you project a happier and more positive attitude when interacting with others.

Feeling and looking confident is all about how you feel on the inside. Making sure that you take care of yourself is key to building and maintaining your self-esteem.

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