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Cecilia Hendrix 2019-4-11

Staying healthy when traveling abroad

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a full-blown month-long holiday, nothing puts a damper on a vacation more than getting sick. It may be one of the last things you’re thinking about as you relax on the beach or explore a new city, but there are small things you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on a minute of the fun. Here is our top 5:

  1. Catch some ZZZs

It may not sound like the best way to spend your vacation but getting enough sleep can keep you feeling your best. Sleep allows the body to recover fully from the rigors of the day and leaves us feeling refreshed. Getting the proper amount of sleep is especially important when you’re traveling across time zones, which can disrupt your normal sleeping rhythm

Smiling baby sleeping on blue sheets


2. Water is your friend

One of the easiest mistakes people make on vacation is not staying hydrated. Even if it’s not hot outside, you should always carry a bottle of water with you.

3. Protect your skin

Much like what we’ve said about water, even if it’s not hot outside you should still consider wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours (maybe while enjoying a glass of water) to avoid potential sunburn. If you burn easily, consider wearing a hat and long, loose fitting clothing to protect yourself from the sun.

4. Don’t skip meals

Mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re traveling every meal is important. It can be hard to always take the time when you’re busy discovering a new city, but your body needs fuel to keep going so make sure you start your day with a good breakfast and keep your energy up with healthy snacks.

Tip: Pack your own food so you can eat healthy on the go.

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5.  Pace yourself

You’re never going to be able to see a whole city in a single day, so don’t try. Plan ahead to decide on the things that you really want to explore and create an itinerary that gives you time to do it all with breaks in between. You’ll still be able to tell everyone back home the you’ve “been there, done that”, but you might be able to discover some hidden gems that will make this trip one to remember.

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