The future of cross-border payments

Money Works By Emily Larson June 8, 2017

David Thompson’s keynote speech at MoneyConf 2017

Earlier this week, David Thompson, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer, delivered a keynote speech at this year’s MoneyConf in Madrid.

David highlighted how WU is using technology to innovate and serve customers as part of our digital transformation. He talks about the omni-channel experience, how the future of payments is about payments without borders, new digital alliances and the technology that enables us to integrate with social media platforms for remittances and how compliance could become a long term competitive advantage for WU.

MoneyConf is aimed at those that are redefining the future of finance and is attended by over 1,800 of the top names in the industry, from CEOs of global institutions and brands to the founders of the world’s most disruptive startups.