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Western Union Connect 2016-6-20

How to Fill Out a Money Order

Need help filling out a money order for the first time? Learn how to fill out a money order correctly by following the step-by-step instructions below.

Upon purchase, make sure the amount you paid matches the amount printed on the money order. Fill out your money order with a pen in large, dark letters so the details are clear and it is difficult to alter your writing. Record the location where the money order was purchased in case it is ever lost or misplaced.

How to fill out a money order completely and accurately:

how to fill out a money order

1. Write the Payee Name

Write the name of the person or business you are addressing the money order to in the “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” field first. Make sure the spelling and information are correct. You cannot make alterations once the money order is processed.

2. Fill Out Your Information in the Purchaser Fields

The purchaser is you. Whether it says “From,” “Sender,” “Remitter,” or “Purchaser,” this is where you fill in your information. Western Union® money orders require your address and full name, but others may only have a field for your name. Use your full legal name and your current mailing address in this section.

3. Sign the Front of the Money Order

Sign the front of the money order. Leave the back of the money order blank, as this is where the recipient must sign.Some money orders leave room for a note or memo to specify the payment’s purpose. After checking it over for accuracy, you can send the money order as you would a check.

4. Keep the Money Order Receipt

Your money order will either have a detachable receipt to keep for your records. This proof of purchase has tracking information so you can monitor your money order and confirm when it has been deposited. If you suspect that your money order is lost, misplaced, or stolen, report it to the provider.

Money Order Receipt

Where to Get a Money Order

Money orders are not available online. You can get these documents in person at banks, credit unions, financial institutions, post offices, delis and some chain retail stores, like Walgreens. Use our agent locator to find one near you.

How to Purchase a Money Order

You can purchase with a money order with cash, traveler’s checks or your debit card. Some issuers accept credit card as payment, but it may be processed as a cash advance, which incurs fees and a higher interest rate. Single money orders are generally limited to less than $1,000. Aside from the amount you are sending, expect to pay a small fee.

If any problems arise in the money order process or if you should require a refund, call Western Union customer service.

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