Everything You Need To Know About the My WU® Program

Money By Cecilia Hendrix January 4, 2016


With Western Union, we’re all about making it easy and convenient for you to send and receive money from the ones you love the most. We feel like there’s no better way to make sending money all the more worthwhile than by rewarding you with every transaction that you make. That’s why we’re happy to share the My WU® Program with you and give you all of the details on how you can earn points and redeem them!

About the My WU Program

Western Union makes it easy for you to become a member of the My WU program. Not only is it free to sign up for, but in just a few, short steps, you can join My WU and you’ll be well on your way to start saving money!

Yes, you will you be able to earn points, but you’ll also receive access to promotions that can save you even more time and money!

How to Earn Points

For every qualifying transaction at a participating agent location that you make, you will earn points on the dollar for your transaction fees. For every $2 that you spend on a transaction fee*, you receive one point. The more points you acquire, the larger the savings on future transfer fees*! You can check to see how many points you have by logging into your My WU account at any time. All of your points will be conveniently located under the My Rewards tab.

Types of Rewards

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can begin using them toward some of the best rewards that Western Union has to offer! Your My WU points can be used to save money on transaction fees*, which can come in handy when sending money to loved ones on a regular basis.


How to Redeem Points

In order to redeem your points, all you have to do is look under the My Rewards tab and your options for any available awards will be shown. Simply choose what you want to redeem, and you’re all set! Depending on which reward you choose, My WU will give you any additional information, in order to make sure your points are redeemed correctly.

Now that you have all of the details on how to start collecting and redeeming your points, all you have to do is sign-up! Make sure to use your account every time you make a transaction so that you can collect your rewards and track your points with ease. Remember, the more points you get, the better the rewards. If you’re already a member of My WU let us know about your experience with the program.