Everything you need for back to school

Tips By Stefan Zechner August 9, 2017

It’s almost here! In just a few weeks it will be time to see them off, or hold their hands on the way, for another year of school. The weeks leading up to that first day of a new grade or semester can be stressful for parents for many reasons. Your little ones are growing up! And … you need to go back-to-school shopping!

Whether they’re headed for their very first day of JK, or their last year of their BA, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what they’ll need early so you’re not scrambling at the last minute when the store shelves are bare and there’s little selection left.

We’ve grouped back to school into five handy categories, to help keep your shopping organized and easy to follow. Depending on your children’s ages, you may need to skip or add even more items on this list – just think of it as a starting point … and don’t get overwhelmed.

  1. School supplies – backpack, paper, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, pencil case, ruler, calculator, markers, highlighters, glue, scissors, tape, agenda/organizer
  2. Lunch and snack supplies – lunch box, snack bags, sandwich bags, snack containers, water bottle, thermos, fork, spoon, napkins, a list of each child’s favourite snacks and lunch preferences
  3. Clothes supplies – uniform or non-uniform t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, leggings, socks, hair accessories, gym shorts and pants, running shoes, indoor shoes, rain boots, rain jacket, light-weight jacket, hat, umbrella
  4. Room/dorm furnishings – desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves, rug, bed linens, posters, kettle, garbage bin, desk organizers (paper trays, pen/pencil, paper clip/sticky note holder), alarm clock, first aid kit, laundry basket, extension cords
  5. Miscellaneous supplies – laptop, printer, computer paper, ink cartridges, tablet, mobile phone, headphones, batteries, library card, public transit pass, prepaid phone card, Western Union money transfer app

Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know what’s on your list on Facebook and Twitter!