Emotional benefits from giving back

Go Global By Dear Alyne January 3, 2019

WU Brand Ambassador Dear Alyne is a video creator and advocate of women’s empowerment and animal rights. Her videos have millions of views, and she’s hoping to use her influence to help rescue street dogs. Contact her at alyne@dearalyne.com if you want to know more. Follow along with her adventures here: https://www.instagram.com/dearalyne/   


I love giving back! I like to donate to animal shelters, volunteer when I have time, and help people by giving them opportunities to do awesome things.


And why do I even do all this stuff? Because I can, and it’s an amazing feeling when I see that I can help people and make an impact on their lives, or even help people make an impact on OTHER people’s lives.


And you don’t need to spend money to give back, either. Sometimes all you need is just kindness. If everyone gave back to the society by just being KIND, the world would be a MUCH better place to live in.


I want to show people how easy it is to give back, and how you can benefit so much from doing that. So here are three things you might not have realized you get when you give back!


1) You build relationships and a sense of community

When you give back to a person, (maybe you take your mom out for dinner), it’s a small act of kindness, but it brings you closer together. When you give back to people, it’s easier to build your relationship with them, and you’ll feel good too.


Same goes with groups of people. Like if you volunteered at a soup kitchen or a shelter, you’re bound to get talking to people over time, and you’ll start making a circle of friends. It’s really cool and it feels awesome to have friends who are into the same causes as you.

2) You bring the focus away from yourself, which can be refreshing!

A lot of us live our lives putting ourselves first. We think about what we can do to make our lives better for ourselves, how we can be happier, or how we can treat ourselves better. There’s nothing wrong with those things! But imagine how different things would be if we invested a small fraction of the energy we put into ourselves into other people!


You’ll end up seeing things different, being more considerate, and you’ll grow as a person.


3) You make your life more meaningful, if you give back the right way

When you give back to causes that REALLY matter to you, or when you help people who you GENUINELY care for and want to do good for, you’ll add meaning to your life. Simply donating to popular causes or volunteering just for the sake of trying it out isn’t as emotionally rewarding, so try to find the things that make you excited. Or keep trying new things until you find something, you’re passionate about!


There are so many great things to experience by giving back, and I’m just scratching the surface. If you have trouble starting, try doing one random act of kindness tomorrow. It could be to your family member, your coworker, or friend. Anyone! It’s easy, and completely worth it.

Xx Alyne