Discover what’s possible with a 2020 Fall internship at Western Union

People By Domonique Tucker July 28, 2020

The Western Union Internship Program is a valuable initiative, wherein *students, gain real-world experience working for an international brand, bringing their unique insights and talents to the company while expanding capacity for various teams. They are exposed to our culture of service while challenging themselves through a structured blend of individual project work, deep-dive sessions, networking opportunities, and enriching group projects. Western Union, in turn, can build its pipeline of new talent across business segments.

Here at our Denver headquarters, I have spent the last year implementing an internship program that aims to create a unique and meaningful 360-development opportunity for interns and leaders alike. The goal is to shift thinking, disrupt the norm to ignite innovation, and drive accountability and collaboration.

We’re committed to providing our interns with the best possible experience! After careful consideration, with the effort to ensure we deliver a safe and thoughtful internship experience for 2020, we will be moving forward with an 8-week virtual internship for the Western Union Denver location in the Fall time frame, September 14- November 6, 2020.

When a company like ours devotes time and energy to create a tailored experience for each intern, all parties win:

Interns participate in planned activities and work projects, properly utilizing and exploring their developing interests and skills, both substantive and interpersonal. They also have early access to a network of professionals at various levels and gain valuable, real-world experience to leverage with future employer’s post-graduation.

Hiring Managers have expanded capacity and gain fresh perspectives without the monetary investment of a full-time, long-term employee. For those exploring management opportunities, they can test the waters before committing to making the career jump.

Companies that provide exposure to incoming professionals are a win for the brand as well. You may create new customers for your products and services or garner long-term loyalty from existing ones. Pair that with providing interns experience to the day-to-day operations, tools, and pace at a globally diverse company, you’re helping build the next generation of talent.

The Western Union virtual internship program includes mentorship, access to executive leaders, capacity serving work, skills training, and competitive pay. Also, our upcoming Fall internship program offers:

  • Leadership roundtable discussions
  • Strength Finder™ assessments
  • Group problem-solving sessions
  • Individual project work
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Final presentation & program review
  • Networking activities
  • Team huddles
  • Group reflection and mentoring

Western Union interns are empowered to challenge the way we work and provide thoughtful feedback, input, and ways to improve during their time here. We want our interns to feel useful in their roles and leave with a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to know they equipped with the necessary tools and skills for success in their first careers.

“As we grow and create solutions for our customers in the Digital Fintech industry, we have abundant opportunity to mobilize talent virtually and grow a diverse talent pipeline of future leaders. Western Union reaches billions of accounts operating in 200 countries and territories. Our Internship program provides a unique global experience in a leading fintech industry that is driven by our purpose to move money for better.”- Richard Williams, Chief People Officer, Western Union.

The 2020 Fall program starts in September and includes roles in the following job functions:

  • Employer Brand
  • Global Talent & Learning
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Cloud Automation
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Experience Engineering
  • Technology Communication and Training
  • Risk Engineering
  • Customer Capabilities

If you are or know of a current student with drive and ambition, looking for an internship at a globally diverse company, apply to one of our 2020 Fall Internship roles. As the opportunities become available in the coming weeks, visit our WUCareers website and search on “Intern.”

Do you already have an internship lined up? Share this with your fellow students or keep us in mind for an upcoming session!

* Students must be enrolled in a post-secondary school, adult education, college or certificate/training program.